TravelCLICK Reports Hotel GDS Stats

Statistics released by TravelCLICK reports strong growth in usage of GDS media by hotels throughout the world during 2001 - nearly double that of hotels` spending in 2000.
Total spending on GDS advertising by hotels increased by 94% last year, almost repeating the near double growth rate of 95% experienced in 2000.

In addition to the increasing dollars spent on GDS media, the total number of hotels advertising in the GDS through TravelCLICK has grown substantially. In 2001, over 3,800 hotels worldwide advertised in the GDS, a 23% increase in the number of hotels that advertised in the prior year.

TravelCLICK also reported a significant 58% increase in the average spend per property for GDS media in 2001. This increase in spending indicates that hotels are shifting more of their advertising budgets to electronic media.

“The number of hotels utilizing GDS advertising in the fourth quarter rose 33 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2000,” said Bruce W. Mainzer, senior vice president of marketing for TravelCLICK. “Given the tremendous economic pressure that hotels were under following the events of September 11, this increase shows that GDS media is successful in generating bookings.”

“The average spend per property in the fourth quarter was also up 41% year over year, which indicates that the hotel industry viewed GDS media as essential for improving their profitability,” said Mainzer.