Sabre Total Pricing for Cars Offer Available Now.

Sabre has announced the availability of its first-of-a-kind Total Pricing for Cars offering.
This announcement launches the second phase of the Total Pricing for Cars rollout, phase one of which was announced in November 2001.

The first phase of the Sabre Total Pricing for Cars functionality allowed car suppliers to provide to travel agents an approximate total price for car rentals in their confirmation response to a travel agent`s sell request. This newly launched second phase allows car rental suppliers to provide Sabre-Connected agents a real-time approximate total price for the rental which agents can convey to their customers during the shopping process. Approximate total price information will be displayed on Sabre`s Car Shop, Car Quote and Rate Rule Detail displays.

Another key benefit of Total Pricing for Cars is its ability to provide the total price of rental across weekend, weekday, weekly and other rate categories. Prior to the advent of this offering, travel agents were limited to informing customers only of weekly or daily car rental rates. Sabre will be unique in providing an ordered shopping display across multiple vendors. The displayed information will be based on the approximate total price of the car rental and include a monetary detail of applicable mandatory charges, storage of the rental price in the passenger name record and inclusion of that price in the passenger`s itinerary.

Using the new Total Pricing offering, travel agents gain a unique ability to guide customers to their best car rental solutions by giving them the information they seek to make prudent travel purchasing decisions. Agents can also increase their own productivity by accessing all relevant information in an easy-to-view and printable format.