Canada Customs To Introduce Iris Scans.

Following recent announcements that iris recognition systems are to undergo trials at London Heathrow and certain U.S. airports for security reasons, CBC reports that Canada is to install similar equipment to expidite customs clearance ... for a fee.
The scans can confirm a person`s identity in less than 30 seconds and the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, formerly known as Revenue Canada, is looking at the possibility of charging an annual fee to the traveller of between CAD 50 to CAD 100. It has been reported that airports in Toronto and Vancouver would get the scans as early as August followed by Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary by the end of 2003.

The automated kiosks would ask the person to declare any goods and pay applicable duties and passengers would still be subject to random inspections. A person`s iris does not change from the time they are one-year-old and neither glasses nor contacts interfere with the scanning and identification process.