Hilton International Launches Massive Internet Marketing Initiative

Hilton International has launched one of the biggest internet marketing initiatives in hospitality history.  å?eWin a million with Hiltonå?f gives three lucky people the chance to win 1,000,000 å?eHilton HHonors Pointså?f and travel anywhere in the world for free. 

Every Hilton HHonors member who makes a reservation through hilton.com between now and March 31st will automatically be entered into the draw to win the big prize. ?eHilton HHonors?f is Hilton?fs customer loyalty program. The program allows Hilton customers to gain hotel and airline points in exchange for room nights. The points can then be redeemed for free hotel room nights and flights.

One million points could pay for any number of local and international luxury holidays, for example an African Safari for eight and 50 free weekends. 325,000 points would pay for 5 nights in the Maldives for two. 195,000 points would cover 6 nights in the Bahamas for two and 4 nights in Barcelona for two for about 110,000 points.

Hilton International?fs Chief Executive Anthony Harris comments, ?g Hilton.com is one of the biggest and most user friendly web sites in the hospitality industry. We believe that over 20% of our bookings will come via the web over the next five years. By rewarding our customers that use hilton.com we are reinforcing our commitment to e-commerce. The Hilton Hotel Family stretches across 6 continents with 8 brands and over 2000 hotels worldwide. At hilton.com, it?fs all at your fingertips.?h