FlyteComm Offers Independent Flight Information Tool for the PC Desktop.

The information normally shown on airport screens throughout the U.S. is now available directly on the computer desktop as FlyteComm announces the arrival of FANS.
Up-to-the-minute flight listings by airport, arrival time, and other criteria are available to rental car and limousine services and others. Benefits of having real time flight information at the fingertips include better service to customers, operational awareness and improved logistics.

FANS (Flight Arrival Notification System) cross-correlates flight schedule information with FAA telemetry to yield a truly airline independent display that businesses and travelers can depend on for minute-by-minute flight status updates. FANS is deployed directly onto the computer desktop for interactive use. Users may input specific flights or airports, sorting flights by any criteria, including flight status, arrival times, departure or arrival airport, aircraft type and more. FANS is available immediately with a free 15-day trial offered for travelers and businesses that rely on air transportation.