SeeUthere Enhances Web Feature

SeeUthere Technologies enhanced its Web registration tool with a feature enabling travel managers to access attendee itineraries in the CRSs.

Helen Loh, SeeUthere`s vice president of marketing, said the company developed this feature because clients expressed a need to track compliance to travel policy and the use of preferred suppliers when planning meetings.

“The travel department doesn`t always know what happens with attendee travel,” Loh said. “They`d like to see how travelers are booking before the meeting takes place.”

She said the itinerary retrieval feature will work for airline reservations made with an agent or via a corporate self-booking tool.

Loh said once the agency grants permission to link the software with the CRS, SeeUthere does not require any additional steps.


Once corporations purchase the itinerary-retrieval feature, it is available for all meetings they plan, she said. Of course, in order to access an attendee`s itinerary, he first must register for the meeting via SeeUthere`s Web registration tool.

SeeUthere said information indicating arrival/departure cities, dates and times for each segment and total air fare can be accessed by the travel manager in real time.

Because they`re able to run reports with arrival information, meeting managers will have a clearer picture about when ground transportation must arrive at the airport, Loh said.

Also, by viewing itineraries, say, two weeks before attendees are scheduled to depart, managers can check if the fare negotiated specifically for that meeting is being used.

“This innovation illuminates the true cost of meetings so business unit managers can rationalize their meetings spending and procurement departments can identify opportunities to consolidate suppliers and reduce overall costs,” said SeeUthere chief executive officer John Chang.

Loh said the auto retrieval feature is compatible with all four CRSs and most major online booking tools.

However, she said the feature works best with TRX`s ResAssist because of its “fairly robust group fare function.”

Loh added two clients have committed to purchasing the itinerary-retrieval feature.