Linbert Outlines Plans for Global Success

SPY Travel Network , the B2B E-wholesaler enabler and B2B2C facilitator/distributor of worldwide hotel/resort products online, real-time has outlined its growth plan for 2002/2003.

Linbert has targeted to get more Asian hotel & resort inventory to satisfy its largest base of consumers from its wholesalers and travel agency network in Asia itself. Linbert has tremendous market share of Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, and is seeing India, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Philippines grow. Asians have different needs, demands and travel patterns so it has tailored its first phase of product expansion to follow its customer growth requirements. Linbert will then expand its worldwide product to cater again for the Asians in particular and then ultimately have the full ability to cater to global demand and have global product.

Linbert has already got several languages in place for its B2B2C to cater for the Asian consumer base of clients. This includes Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, and will continue to add other Asian languages as demand dictates. We have also Russian language, in place and will soon start adding more European languages concurrently when business requirements dictate. It is multi-currency already, and even incorporates an SMS message confirmation whilst providing a private-label approach for our partners in doing business. We aim to be the travel and hospitality?fs best business partner.

Dr. Leslie Choudhury, the President / CEO of Linbert Travel Exchange said, ?gWe believe partnerships and co-operation is the key to global success. When both travel agents and hospitality partners work together, the realization that the world and profits are big enough for us to share and succeed collectively; a win/win/win co-operation.?h

Linbert Travel Exchange owns and operates, was winner of the Golden Web Award 2000 in the online B2B travel website category and yet again in the finals for 2001 awaiting a decision soon. The company is one of the early pioneers in adopting the Internet to confidentially distribute its travel products online to the travel agent community in 1997 with its B2B Internet platform. It has since leveraged its Internet infrastructure to introduce the B2B2C System, another platform that which won the Intelligent20 Award 2000, to help its travel agent wholesalers and retail travel agents to reach out to the online consumers.