New Appointment for Excambria

Ken Swanton, former CEO of, has joined the board of directors of Excambria, provider of applications to integrate transaction processing among legacy systems and Internet e-commerce systems.
Swanton was most recently CEO of, a company owned by Carl Icahn, the former chairman of TWA. Previously, Swanton was executive vice president of operations at Carlson Companies, Inc., one of the nation`s top travel companies.

The Excambria board of directors also includes Sir Freddie Laker, the airline industry pioneer who currently operates Laker Bahamas Airways Ltd.; Ronald V. Congemi, president of Concord EFS`s Network Services Group; Jim Davidson, president and CEO of NTE, Inc. and former head of Amadeus in the U.S.; Mario Mariasch, managing director of Full Spectrum Ventures and the former president of Gillette, Spain; Vajid Jafri, chairman and CEO of Excambria; and Sean Schickedanz, managing director of Sunflower Capital.

Excambria developed its technology in close cooperation with Lockheed Martin Corporation and IBM. Investors include Lockheed Martin, Garage Technology Ventures and Sunflower Capital.