Carlson Hotels expands Agreement with RFPpublisher(tm)

Lanyon has announced that Carlson Hotels Worldwide, expanded its agreement for RFPpublisher(tm),
a global RFP solution that is now utilized by more than 69 hotel brands,
representing over 35,000 properties. 
Following an extremely successful
season with its Radisson properties, Carlson is deploying RFPpublisher to
all its brands including Regent International Hotels, Country Inns & Suites
By Carlson and Park Inn and Park Plaza Hotels in North America.

Jack Geddes, Vice President of Sales for Radisson Hotels & Resorts,
explained, “We recommended and are expanding our agreement with RFPpublisher
for all our brands because of its huge success with Radisson last year.
With 430 Radisson hotels and resorts around the world, most of them
franchises, it`s a huge challenge to collect and process information from
all our properties simultaneously.  Before RFPpublisher, we used many
vehicles just to get the information to and from our properties, including
mail, phone calls, e-mail, faxes, and many other slow and costly manual
processes to meet our bid deadlines”.

“With RFPpublisher, we have a solution that streamlines the data collection
and management processes” added Geddes.  “RFPpublisher allowed us to tailor
these processes to fit our requirements - and we can amend them rapidly by
brand, by region, by property when business conditions change.  Now, we
capture rich hotel content via the Internet and generate bids of the highest
quality that meet the requirements of our agency and corporate clients.
RFPpublisher allows us to respond to more RFP`s than ever before -
ultimately driving business to our Brands.  Now all of our properties are
able to generate electronic RFPs via Lanyon.”

“The RFPpublisher module of PropertyVault(tm) was designed to accommodate
all our customers` RFP practices”, said Brad Fred, Lanyon president.
“Radisson`s implementation team really leveraged the built in flexibility to
dramatically improve the efficiency of Radisson`s RFP process.  As an
example, recognizing properties had always keyed their bid information into
word processors and email systems, they simply had them key directly into
the web-based system.  Not only was the process faster, quality improved and
they were able to bid more business.  This season should be even better, as
we improve the system based on their invaluable feedback.”

Lanyon is the leader in RFP automation because of its unique quality
assurance and continuous process improvement. Much more than an electronic
messaging system, RFPpublisher can virtually eliminate wasteful and
frustrating manual intervention needed to simply acquire complete and
accurate information.  Bids are accepted cleanly the first time, focusing
everyone on the deal, rather than the administration.  RFPpublisher is a
module of PropertyVault, Lanyon`s web-based distribution solution for hotel
marketing content and rates.  Additional modules are available to repurpose
the content for any distribution channel or enterprise system.