Launches `Travel Storefronts`

After extensive user testing and feedback, Inc. (Nasdaq: TVLY), the most popular travel site on the Web, has introduced an empowering shopping and buying experience with more expert travel advice and quicker access to great travel deals and travel information.
The new functionality, added to a redesigned homepage, includes more powerful and focused `Travel Storefronts,` Trip Expert recommendation tools and enhanced Deals listings.

“Because we are truly a full-service travel provider, it`s important that people have easy access to the products they`re looking for and the travel information and advice they need,” said Terrell B. Jones, president and chief executive officer of “The combination of the redesigned homepage and our new streamlined `Travel Storefronts` gives users the best shopping and buying experience in the online travel industry.”

In tests conducted by Vividence, the leading provider of Customer Experience Management products and services, consumers preferred the newly redesigned homepage 2:1 to competitors` pages. Initial results also show that users leaving the site after viewing only the homepage, while already a relatively small number, have been reduced 40 percent further since the launch of the redesigned page.

The `Travel Storefront` pages are launch pages for each product including Flights, Lodging, Cars/Rail, Vacations, Cruises and Deals. These pages present customers with a consistent path into each of the products, provide quick, easy searching tools, and highlight product deals.

The `Travel Storefront` pages work when customers click on one of the product tabs on the redesigned homepage. Customers will be presented with a page that now features content related to the product selected, including the Express Search Tool on the left-hand side, a Trip Expert section at the top right-hand side, deals, and other useful information related to that particular product.

ADVERTISEMENT`s new suite of Expert tools help members plan their next trip, and empower them to easily and confidently make their vacation decisions. Found in the top right section of the homepage, the Trip Expert includes three features: Express Request, in which members can describe what they want in a vacation such as shopping; Someplace Similar, which gives members a listing of new destinations that are comparable to one of their favorite places; and Destination Check, which tells members if their selected destination is the best choice, based on what they`re looking for in a vacation. Other Expert recommendation tools include Vacation Expert, Cruise Expert and Hotel Expert, which are located on their respective `Travel Storefronts.`

Now located in the center of each storefront, the enhanced Deals section gives members a quick glance at the latest travel deals they can take advantage of. In fact, members now have more than 10 times the number of travel specials than before, right at their fingertips.

“No matter what customers are shopping for, the combined functionality of the newly redesigned homepage and the `Travel Storefront` pages work for those who do not even know where they want to travel to yet. With features such as Trip Expert and Dream Maps, has taken the lead in providing users with expert recommendations on trips and destinations they might never have considered,” added Jones.