iJet offer global wireless travel intelligence

IMC WorldCell, a provider of international mobile voice and data services for enterprises and mobile professionals, and iJET Travel Intelligence, a provider of real-time travel intelligence for the global travel industry, have announced the launch of WorldLink, a wireless travel intelligence and assistance service for international business and leisure travelers.

The WorldLink marketing tag line is “your phone becomes your personal guardian.” The companies said WorldLink is the first service to offer a comprehensive traveler safety net and will provide coverage in over 130 countries through cellular networks and globally by satellite networks.

“Our goal for the WorldCell service has always been to provide a convenient and reliable lifeline to the office or home when traveling abroad,” said Blake Swensrud, IMC WorldCell`s Chairman and CEO. “We have done this for years by providing a single phone and phone number for our customers, regardless of their destination.”

Swensrud said WorldLink provides unparalleled peace of mind for international travelers by combining IMC WorldCell`s global wireless services and iJET`s real-time travel alerts with travel and medical assistance from Travel Guard, an American travel insurance company.

“The WorldLink program takes that commitment a significant step further by putting the power of information in our customers` hands when and where they need it the most,`` he said. “It is one thing to check travel advisories before leaving home, but something else entirely in an ever-changing world to receive real-time, relevant security updates anytime and anywhere when you are on the road.”


Through their WorldCell phones and e-mail, WorldLink travelers receive alerts that provide immediate notice of changing conditions on their routes along with recommendations for minimizing disruptions, Swensrud said. Travelers can be connected around-the-clock to the WorldLink travel and assistance center for help with travel problems including medical referrals, emergency claims assistance, passport replacement and legal referrals.

In addition to real-time wireless alerts, WorldLink provides travelers with a personal WorldcueTraveler Web site that contains detailed destination intelligence based on each traveler`s itinerary and profile, taking into account such factors as age, gender, and health conditions.

iJET continuously monitors over 5,000 sources from around the world, covering issues related to security, health, entry/exit, transportation, communication, finance, culture, environment, legal and language.

“Staying informed of changing conditions while traveling abroad saves time, money and even lives,” said Bruce McIndoe, CEO of iJET. “Transportation problems, civil unrest and terrorist activities represent just a few of the disruptions faced by international travelers regularly. Through WorldLink, travelers can feel secure knowing their itineraries are being monitored 24/7.”

WorldLink pricing is based on package features and trip length. Introductory pricing for a seven-day trip starts at $47.95.

IMC WorldCell is based in Silver Spring, Maryland, with domestic offices in New York, Los Angeles, Providence, Dallas, Miami, and Washington DC and international offices in Iceland and Brazil. Clients include government entities, Fortune 1000 companies, and small to medium sized businesses. WorldCell has established partnerships with Avis Rent-a-Car Services, Diners Club, Volvo, and major travel agencies.

iJET Travel Intelligence, a privately held company based in Annapolis, Maryland, is focused on delivering real-time travel intelligence and travel alerts to international travelers, corporations and the travel industry.Through iJET`s WorldcueTraveler and TravelerTracker services, more than 100,000 corporate employees can now be located and contacted during travel by their management while benefiting from personalized, itinerary-based intelligence before, during and after their trip.

iJET services are backed by regional and category specialists from the fields of intelligence, security, travel, and health who staff an around-the-clock operations center where they continuously monitor over 5,000 sources worldwide to help international travelers avoid and manage travel hassles.