Joint Video Conferencing Venture

The terrorist attacks on the US have put the brakes on executive travel, with some companies placing total bans on business travel. The events of 11 September have accelerated technologies surrounding video conferencing which have advanced rapidly to the point where they are both practical and easy to use.

In this light, Logitech, a leading Webcam and computer peripherals vendor, and SpotLife, a provider of managed personal video broadcasting services, have joined forces to offer users a low-cost entry-level video conferencing solution.

The alliance was born out of a joint programme which these companies developed to help boost morale among America`s young men and women in uniform. It involved the distribution of Logitech QuickCam Internet video cameras to US Military personnel and their families who were then able to “conference” over the SpotLife free personal video broadcasting service.

The programme continues to provides members of the US military the opportunity to broadcast live or recorded video to friends and family located in the US or abroad.

Now, SpotLife`s free Personal Video Broadcasting service is poised to be integrated with all Logitech QuickCams sold worldwide. “This will have an immediate spin-off benefit for the commercial sector,” says Shawn Bezuidenhout, sales manager at Logitech South Africa.


“It will give point, click and broadcast simplicity to executives wishing to video conference via the Internet. All that is required are a Logitech Webcam, a computer and an Internet connection.”

He says the use of PC cameras as a form of communication will burgeon in the wake of corporate international travel bans.

“Prior to the terrorist attacks, the IDC predicted that worldwide shipments of PC cameras would grow to over 44 million by 2004. This figure can now be substantially increased,” he adds.

SpotLife`s Personal Video Broadcasting service is integrated in two out of three PC video cameras sold worldwide. SpotLife also provides hosting services for users of Microsoft Windows Movie Maker. This strong distribution base is said to provide a fast growing pool of broadcasters for Web sites using Spotlife`s scalable infrastructure.