Surf’s rising at Air Canada.  The airline has expanded its successful ‘WEBSAVER’TM program of last minute travel bargains to include promotions on car rentals and hotel accommodations.  In its weekly e-mail to subscribers, Air Canada is now offering special hotel and car rental rates at selected weekend bargain destinations in cooperation with its Aeroplan hotel partners, Delta, Hilton and Radisson, and Aeroplan car rental partners, Hertz, Budget and Avis.

In February 1997, Air Canada launched the ‘WEBSAVER’ program, providing consumers on the Internet a way to find out about last minute travel bargains on selected Air Canada routes.  In less than one year, Air Canada’s Websaver program has attracted upwards of 100,000 subscribers and remains the only one of its kind offered by an airline in Canada.
“Response to the ‘WEBSAVER’ program has been spectacular—triple our original estimates,”  said Marc Rosenberg, Vice President, Sales and Product Distribution.  “The program’s success has led us to develop these exciting new weekend offers for our customers in cooperation with our Aeroplan hotel and car rental partners.  The ‘WEBSAVER’ program will continue to evolve and expand while offering customers unbeatable value for their money.  Just as our selection of destinations has grown to include U.S. cities, customers can expect to have an ever wider choice in the near future that includes overseas destinations.”

Here’s how the ‘WEBSAVER’ service works: Interested customers register for the free service by simply surfing over to the Air Canada home page on the Internet at and clicking on the ‘WEBSAVER’ icon.  Customers then fill out an electronic registration form and are automatically added to Air Canada’s e-mail list.  From then on, registered customers receive an e-mail message every Wednesday containing information about sell-offs including: routes offered, prices and complete fare rules and conditions.  Departures are for Friday evening or Saturday returning on Monday or Tuesday of the following week.  In addition, one or more destinations will feature promotions on hotel accommodations and car rentals.

For consumers, the ‘WEBSAVER’ program offers an electronic opportunity to take advantage of some great weekend bargains and a significant reduction off regular full air fares as well as hotel and car rental rates.  To reserve, the customer can call the special ‘WEBSAVER’ phone number 1-888-776-3030 (in Canada) or 1-800-776-3030 (in the US) or call a travel agent. Payment must be made at least 24 hours after booking and no later than 24 hours before departure.