Priceline to Expand `Name Your Own Price` Service (Nasdaq: PCLN) has announced an expansion of Priceline Long Distance`s Name Your Own Price(SM) service.

The expansion includes the addition of Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) and CNM Network as supplier/partners and the launch of the nation`s only Name Your Own Price(SM) phone card. Priceline Long Distance LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of

Qwest and CNM join Net2Phone and Deltathree, Inc. as Priceline Long Distance supplier/partners. Priceline Long Distance enables customers to choose their own price for blocks of domestic and international calling time. When Priceline Long Distance receives a customer offer, it works with its supplier/partners to try to find one willing to accept the offered price. By choosing their own price, Priceline Long Distance customers can save up to 40 percent or more over other popular long distance calling plans.

Priceline Long Distance`s new phone card has several advantages. It can save consumers up to 40 percent or more over other popular phone cards. Priceline Long Distance pre-paid phone cards can be purchased in 60-, 125-, 250-, 500- and 1,000-minute blocks (the more time, the bigger the savings). Once their offer is accepted, customers can instantly print out their phone card on their personal computer and carry the card with them. Calls can be made from anywhere in the U.S. Customers will get the same low rate, day or night.