i:FAO to Introduce New Technology for Travel Agents.

Business travel eProcurement software i:FAO is to introduce the market fares server (mfs) and with it a new technology for access to cost-saving airline tariffs.

Companies and travel agencies can now use the market fares server technology in combination with the recently introduced eProcurement solution cytric v7 to load any and all fares completely independent of the GDS (airline reservation systems) pricing system. They can then manage these fares and used them for air bookings. All fares stored are seamlessly integrated into the cytric reservations process. As a result, cytric customers can respond to contracts or offers from airlines with extraordinary speed. All tariffs are available on the spot as soon as they are loaded with the help of the user-friendly browser interface of the market fares server.

Thanks to the market fares server, cytric can now for the first time offer all customers the assurance that all special fares can be used in the online travel management system. The flexibility of the mfs is especially advantageous when dealing with an offer only valid for a limited time.

With the mfs, cytric provides a further improvement on its BestBuy function and with it a very efficient cost reduction for travel bookings. The system automatically offers the lowest possible air fare from all available tariffs, whether published or negotiated. It does all this, while taking the corporate travel policy into account. Prices that are negotiated by the company are in most cases better than the published prices. Therefore, booking business travel via the cytric system will contribute considerably to the reduction of processing costs and actual travel expenditures. The processing costs are lower because there is no tedious booking process by telephone; travel expenses are lowered because the best prices are applied. Aside from the seamless integration in the cytric booking system, the mfs also offers a very high level of ease for the registration and management of air fares. This makes the ineffectual maintenance of data on paper as superfluous as the traditional booking by telephone. cytric is the Internet based eProcurement software for business travel management, which includes the entire “supply chain management” of the business travel organization. cytric allows direct access to real-time availability for 700 airlines, more than 54,000 hotels and all major car rental firms. The sophisticated travel management system of cytric has more than 900 functions, which the company can administer with ease. These cover the entire business travel eProcurement system, including directional purchasing. For travelers, cytric offers the easiest and fastest way to book business travel, either using an Internet PC or a wireless device, such as a Palm.