Sabre Launches Credit Manager

Sabre Holdings Corporation
(NYSE: TSG) today announced the launch of its newest product—Credit Manager
—to help airlines and travel agencies reduce costs and decrease fraud
associated with credit card transactions.
Credit Manager comprises two distinct offerings—Card Security Code
(CSC) and Enhanced Standalone Authorization.  CSC is a sophisticated credit
card authentication technology.  It greatly reduces fraud in “cardholder not
present” situations, such as the purchase of travel via the Internet or the
“Credit Manager helps reduce costs and provides security to airlines and
travel agents at a time when both are critically needed,” said Toni Beeny,
vice president of Airline Marketing and Distribution for Sabre.  “The CSC
product gives airlines and travel agents confidence that the valid owner is
using the credit card.  In retail sales, where CSC is widely used, it is
proven to significantly reduce fraud.”
Enhanced Standalone Authorization is a new Sabre technology that helps
minimize the interchange fees airlines pay to some credit card associations
for tickets settled through the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC).  This
enhancement combines card authorization and ticketing data to simplify credit
card settlement and reduce airlines` costs.
Card Security Code is available immediately for credit card transactions
distributed through Sabre Connected(SM) travel agents and Sabre-powered Web
sites. Enhancements to Standalone Authorization are expected to be available
in the second quarter.