As of today, Air Canada and its regional carriers will offer their customers the convenience of ‘ticketless travel’ throughout Canada and the United States. The airline has expanded electronic ticketing to include 20 more U.S. destinations, extending this customer service to virtually all of its North American network.

“Since Air Canada introduced electronic ticketing in 1995, more and more customers, particularly business travelers, are opting for the convenience of ‘ticketless travel’, said Marc Rosenberg, Vice President Sales and Product Distribution. “We are therefore fully committed to further developing electronic ticketing to include both interline travel and international routes.”
Through Electronic Ticketing, Air Canada and the travel agencies eliminate the need to issue paper tickets to customers. Instead, travelers are provided with an electronic itinerary/receipt which contains their file confirmation number. It can be faxed, mailed or issued in person and is used by the customer for security and customs-immigration purposes. The passenger presents the itinerary/receipt as well as identification at the check-in counter or gate, in order to receive a boarding pass.

Electronic Ticketing is a cost-efficient service which simplifies last minute travel as well as ticket changes and refunds. It provides a fast and convenient service to customers and also considerably reduces an airline’s distribution costs. Moreover, an electronic ticket cannot be stolen, lost or misplaced
Air Canada expanded electronic ticketing to all its routes across Canada as well as to several U.S. destinations during 1996. The following year, the airline extended this customer service to travel agencies throughout the country. Further expansion of electronic ticketing to U.S. destinations started early this year.

Air Canada offers travelers more than 1,300 non-stop flights per week on 72 routes to 42 U.S. destinations—representing more daily non-stop service between Canada and the United States than any other carrier or alliance of carriers.