Worldspan`s Sue Powers to Lead Worldwide Initiative

Worldspan has announced the formation of a new corporate division,
Worldwide Product Solutions.
Sue Powers, head of the company`s highly
successful travel e-commerce enterprise, has been tapped to lead the new
product development group.

Under Powers` guidance, Worldwide Product Solutions will merge all phases
of Worldspan product line development from concept to rollout, delivering
timely, innovative technology focused on the needs of the marketplace.
Listening first and always to the customer, Powers and her team will
deliver technology that serves the entire spectrum of Worldspan`s global market,
including travel agencies, Internet-based travel sites, airlines and other
travel suppliers, and corporations worldwide.

Powers is recognised for championing Worldspan`s focus on Internet-based
travel solutions and influencing the company`s success in e-commerce.
Early in the Internet`s evolution, Powers assessed the advantages the Internet
brought to travel distribution, and encouraged the development of
products to leverage those benefits. Through her guidance, Worldspan has
been able to deliver a series of winning, `first to market` Internet-based
products and processes such as Trip ManagerSM, My Trip and MoreSM and
Worldspan Go!sm Via the Internet.

“We`re very fortunate to have an executive of Sue Powers` vision, experience, and leadership skills to head Worldwide Product Solutions,”
commented Paul J. Blackney, president and chief executive officer for
Worldspan. “Powers excels in achieving success in a diverse range of
management responsibilities, including market development, product
planning, continuous quality improvement, marketing, sales, and customer service.
Her credentials are unmatched, and she is clearly the right choice to lead
this important new initiative.”

In her new post, Powers has overall responsibility for Worldspan`s product
line strategy and product delivery for Worldspan`s worldwide customers.
Her focus includes making build-versus-buy decisions, maximising technology
partnerships, and developing and delivering products that support the company`s business units and capitalize on emerging market opportunities.


Previously, as senior vice president - Worldwide E-Commerce, Powers was
responsible for developing Worldspan`s leadership role in the e-commerce
travel distribution business.  Prior to that, she served as vice
president -
Sales and Marketing, responsible for all sales and marketing functions for
Worldspan travel agencies in the Americas, as well as worldwide marketing
relationships with airline, hotel, car rental and travel supplier customer
groups. Powers joined Worldspan in 1993 as vice president - Product

“In Worldwide Product Solutions, we are building a single, unified team
focused on the customer and dedicated to developing high-quality,
cost-effective products that meet each customer`s needs today and in the
future,” said Powers. “In partnership with Worldspan business units, we
provide technology that enables our customers to operate their businesses
better and more efficiently. Innovative product solutions will be key to
returning our industry to full vigor, and Worldspan will deliver those

“I`m delighted to note that Helen Porter and Lana Southwick, two
extraordinary individuals with extensive experience in developing and
delivering customer-focused travel solutions, will help me in leading this

Helen Porter has been appointed Vice President - Worldwide Product
Solutions.  Having served as Acting Vice President - Worldwide Product
April 2001, Porter will continue to have responsibility for Worldspan`s
e-commerce products including Trip ManagerSM and Travel ButtonSM, the
messaging products, advertising products and non-air supplier distribution
products. Previously, as director - E-Business Products within the
Product group, Porter was instrumental in the development of Worldspan`s
industry-leading Web-based pricing and booking solutions. Porter joined
Worldspan in 1992.

Lana Southwick has been promoted to Vice President -Worldwide Product
Solutions.  In her new position Southwick is responsible for directing the
development of enhancements to the Worldspan Go!SM Via the Internet
reservations product, as well as Fares and Pricing solutions and
products for Worldspan`s airline customers. Formerly, Southwick served as
director - Product Development for Worldspan, responsible for establishing
and maintaining technical support for Worldspan`s Internet and mainframe
customers. Southwick joined Worldspan in 1993 from the PARS Service