GENESIS Obtains Ticket Stock Approval from IATA

The GENESIS Travel Distribution System announced today that it has received approval from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for access to ticket numbers on the same terms and under the same conditions as any other GDS/CRS.
The agreement from IATA brings to a satisfactory conclusion a four-year crusade by GENESIS to assure that IATA would allocate stock and control numbers for use in GENESIS` ticketing and reporting routines. GENESIS President and CEO Bruce Bishins presented GENESIS` requirements and requested approval from air carriers at the IATA Passenger Services Conference held in Vienna, Austria in October 2001.

“This is great news!”, said Bishins, who led a determined campaign to persuade air carriers that GENESIS would uphold the highest integrity and industry standards relating to air traffic document issuance, security, and settlement, even though the GENESIS platform would fall outside the traditional airline-controlled BSP/ARC environment. IATA`s approval for ticket numbers was an essential requirement for GENESIS and rounds-out last year`s IATA/IATAN agreement to provide GENESIS with agent numeric codes to be used in GENESIS` agency accreditation system.

“IATA has displayed a high level of cooperation and reasonableness in their recent agreements with GENESIS, and we look forward to working with IATA as we make additional progress”, Bishins added.

As to GENESIS` on-going development, Zürich-based Atraxis Group, GENESIS` prime technology vendor, has concluded an agreement with EDS (Electronic Data Systems Corporation, Plano, Texas USA) to acquire core assets from Atraxis. The acquisition stems from the dissolution of Atraxis, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the former Swissair Group. Along with other former Atraxis customers, GENESIS is under consideration and review by EDS.

“I am optimistic that EDS will see GENESIS as a viable and profitable opportunity, and that they will continue the relationship which we forged with Atraxis last year. At the same time, I am keenly aware of the strong ties between EDS and SABRE, and therefore, we must consider back-up plans should EDS choose not to adopt the GENESIS/Atraxis agreement”, said Bishins. A decision from EDS is due shortly.