Luxury Link Report Recort Revenues.

Luxury Link reports record revenue and traffic growth in the year ended December 31, 2001. Year-over-year revenues grew 248%, while traffic grew 319% over the prior period.

Diane McDavitt, President and Chief Operating Officer, commented that, “Revenue and traffic continue to grow at rates exceeding our projections. We believe this growth is fueled by Web users gravitating to sites that offer a wealth of information and the ability to easily complete a transaction, combined with the brand recognition Luxury Link has attained. A substantial proportion of current Luxury Link revenues are generated by repeat buyers, and our associations with Forbes, the New York Times, (Conde Nast), and USA Today continue to broaden our reach.” Founded in 1997, Luxury Link, LLC provides news, special offers, a searchable database, and weekly travel auctions, updated daily for the luxury traveler. Gannett Company, Inc. holds a minority interest in the Company.