Sabre Implements Appstream Software to Provide eVoya Access.

Sabre Holdings Corporation is to implement AppStream`s patented software to provide online access and seamless manageability of Sabre eVoya Webtop, its point-of-sale Web portal for travel agencies.

The AppStream implementation is part of Sabre`s strategic initiative to provide its travel agency worldwide customers a competitive advantage by providing the most effective tools and technologies to focus on customer service and thrive in the e-commerce world.

Sabre will use AppStream`s technology to improve and enhance the deployment process of its web-based booking platform for travel agents. This patented “stream and cache” technology will fundamentally change the way Sabre deploys eVoya, reducing launch times from minutes to seconds and further reducing the cost of ownership, deployment and manageability of access to Sabre for travel agencies. AppStream`s complete application deployment and management solution provides the benefits of optimal performance, increased scalability, and rich user experience, without making additional infrastructure investments or modifying existing applications.