Tanner Elected as President for HEDNA.

Roland Tanner, Utell`s vice president of information technology and distribution, has received the honor of being elected to serve as the 2002 president of the Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA).

HEDNA is a not-for-profit hotel trade association founded in 1991 by the hotel industry to stimulate the booking of hotel rooms through electronic channels, such as GDS?f and the Internet. Dallas-based Pegasus Solutions is a leading provider of hotel industry transaction processing solutions and electronic commerce services.

According to Tanner, his new leadership role with HEDNA is especially meaningful due to the Pegasus Solutions` instrumental role in hotel electronic distribution. “Pegasus` heritage is rooted in the establishment of the hotel industry`s first hotel electronic distribution system, and HEDNA`s mission is to continue to drive electronic distribution across the hospitality industry. It`s a perfect fit and a wonderful honor to serve as president of HEDNA,” Tanner said.

Tanner continued, “Exciting times abound for HEDNA as its membership continues to grow in size and diversity. The strength and commitment of our membership allows us to continue influencing and addressing hospitality`s most challenging issues in today`s complex marketplace.”