Internet Revenue Booster Services Launched

In today`s economic downturn, empty rooms, unfilled restaurant seats and unsold packages are your biggest competitors, not the competing hotel across the street.

How can hoteliers deal successfully with these challenges and emerge as winners? The Internet can be your best ally—your online distribution strategy can play a major role in softening the disastrous effects of the recent events and the economic slump and will, over longer-term, define the winners in these trying times.

Recognizing that hoteliers are experiencing unprecedented difficulties, Hospitality eBusiness Strategies, Inc., a leading Internet strategy consulting firm for the hospitality and travel verticals, has successfully launched a new type of Internet Revenue Booster?EConsulting Services that help hoteliers dramatically increase occupancy rates, boost revenues, open new markets, attract more affluent customers and improve the bottom line in these difficult times by utilizing the Internet to its fullest potential.

Any Sales and Marketing Manager or Revenue Manager must consider critical questions like: How can I increase online bookings on my website? Increase revenues from other online distribution channels beyond my website? Improve my website positioning on the major search engines and portals? Enhance my online booking engine? Build interactive relationships with my hotel clients? Market the hotel website inexpensively? Improve overall online distribution and ROI? Increase utilization of online CRM tools? Compare my Internet strategy with my nearest competitors? Build a long-term eMarketing strategy for the hotel? Compare my website strategy with my nearest competitors?

Hospitality eBusiness Strategies` low-cost, fixed-priced and highly effective Internet Revenue Booster?EConsulting Services can provide the answers to these competitive questions and help hoteliers lower costs, increase revenues, capture new lucrative markets, and implement next-generation Internet-based business models and technologies.


The innovative Internet Revenue Booster?EConsulting Services start from $495 and cover all crucial areas: how your website is positioned in Cyberspace, how to optimize your website to increase online bookings, how to improve your website positioning on all main 1,500 search engines and directories, how to profit from Internet distribution beyond your website and increase your revenues from the major online distribution channels, such as leisure and business travel, event and meeting planning, dynamic and impulse-driven travel sites, “purchase-ready” marketplaces, etc.

Hospitality eBusiness Strategies understands that hoteliers need expert advice, concrete recommendations, and fast and inexpensive services with no hidden costs. That is why the Internet Revenue Booster?EConsulting Services use the “finished product model”, rather than the typical “rate-per-hour” consulting model. The consulting packages that are clearly defined and priced ($495-$2,975) to meet the needs and requirements of any lodging company: from the small independent hotel to the major hotel management company.

Hospitality eBusiness Strategies has the expertise and the tools to help lodging and travel companies dramatically enhance their Internet presence and grow their online business. The company`s consultants are leading pioneers and experts in hospitality and eBusiness, with over 40 years of combined experience in hospitality, travel and Web technologies, and are frequent guest speakers, writers of articles and industry reports, and adjunct graduate professors, graduate courses on eDistribution, eCRM and eBusiness at the prestigious Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Travel Administration, New York University.

Hoteliers are realizing that online distribution is the cheapest distribution channel and is already changing the “classic” distribution spectrum. Hilton estimates that a Web booking is 5 times cheaper than a typical GDS/travel agency booking and $5 cheaper than a call center booking (PhoCusWright). Internet-based reservations will triple to 15.4% by 2004 from the current 5.4 percent (Andersen). Online hotel sales will exceed $5.3 billion by end of 2002 (PhoCusWright). Five years from now there will be more Internet hotel sales than GDS hotel sales.

There has never been a better time to embrace the Internet and eDistribution in particular. Whether you are an independent or branded hotel, a major hotel chain or hotel management company, you can stay ahead of your competitors and capture new market share with an effective eMarketing and eDistribution strategy, which is exactly what the new Internet Revenue Booster?EConsulting Services provide.