With `Virtually` sites World Internet Group bring Travel to your Desktop

You have been planning the trip of a lifetime. After reading all the travel books and guides that you possibly can, vague images begin floating around your head. Nervous excitement intoxicates your mind, suddenly a blind panic, å‘what will it be like when I actually arrive?å’ å‘Will it really live up to my expectations?å’ These questions can now easily be resolved with the groundbreaking technology utilised by the World Internet Group. Virtual World Internet, a component of WIG, has developed a portfolio of over 100 dynamic, interactive destination based web sites that feature the latest 360-degree Virtual Tour technology, powered by iPIX.

‘Over the past five years the World Internet Group has been developing a product that we believe will shape the future of the travel industry.’ Said Maria Haggo Product Marketing Manager for World Internet Group Ltd. ‘Essentially it is an Internet tool that will help travellers to discover a particular destination. The “virtually” sites provide an efficient and exciting visual solution to enquiries about the location that they intend to visit,’ she added. 
By using top of the range software and the best Internet Imaging Solution available WIG have developed web sites that display a destination’s attractions in a fast and powerful way. Via the use of top quality, full 360-degree interactive photographs WIG are able to display the true identity of a chosen destination, whether it is of a historical site, a local hotel or a beautiful landmark.
‘We at World Internet Group believe that our product can increase web site traffic and keep viewers on a site for longer, the high-quality images will place them ‘inside’ a scene and therefore increase interactivity. The ‘virtually’ imaging solutions make it easy to create visual content that will be both enjoyable and revenue generating. The sites can provide perfect imagery of tourist sites on line, from hotel rooms to golf courses, or anything else that is required,’ Miss Haggo continued. 
World Internet Group intends to work along side existing tourism and travel based companies in order to increase their productivity and consumer appeal.
Over the last nine years the Caribbean has been losing its share of North American visitors who are choosing to holiday at other destinations. www.gocaribbean.com, part of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, are aiming to promote the Caribbean as one destination. 18 countries are involved, from Barbados to St. Lucia in the program dubbed ‘Life Needs the Caribbean’. 2002 saw a slow increase in the amount of tourism related traffic but figures were still down on 2000, ultimately because of the terror attacks of 9/11.
Projects such as the “virtually” tours would enable such regions to hit a broader market, a global market. Individuals could log on and instantly be whisked to their desired location, directly from the comfort of their own home or office. The World Internet group already has sites in the Caribbean including www.virtually-jamaica.com and www.virtually-stlucia.com amongst others. From these sites it is possible to navigate the entire region, taking in its colours and local flare - visit your hotel for a 360-degree tour, or alternatively go to the beach!

On www.virtually-jamaica.com you can casually wonder around a local crafts market then set of to the Halfmoon for a round of golf. If that’s not enough then why not visit a place of interest like Dunns River? The choice is yours.
The technology utilised enables seamless imaging and fast down load times. Never before has the world been so readily accessible. “The Internet is a powerful tool, especially with regards to the travel industry. More and more people are booking their holidays online, cutting out the travel agent. What better alternative to the traditional brochure is there then an online ‘virtual’ tour?’ Maria Haggo believes. ‘There is no better tool available to promote a destination; just point, click and you are there.”

Founded in 1995, Virtual World Internet is a virtual imaging service provider that delivers interactive solutions for a wide variety of applications in the travel and tourism sector. Virtual World Internet designs, develops, hosts and markets high-value visual content. They have a proven track record of delivering world-class solutions to some of the world leaders in travel and destination marketing. VWI place particular emphasis on developing intuitive, easy-to-use solutions for clients and their customers. Virtually sites have played a major role in creating the virtual tours experience worldwide and is leading the development of the next-generation Visual Information.
‘Our sites offer the best in the industry, the platform is unparalleled and the service provided is quite simply outstanding,’ said Ben Roberts, Interactive Developer for World Internet Group.
Virtual World Internet is headquartered in London, UK, and has an extensive global network of approved virtual tour developers, photographers and designers. Using this network and combining it with their mobile development studio, VWI are able to deliver a comprehensive and rapid virtual tour solution to anyone, anywhere.

For further information visit www.virtualworldinternet.com