Feature Island of the Week: St. Lucia

Located at the southern end of the Windward Islands, St. Lucia (pronounced Loo-sha)is one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. More specifically, the island is located between Martinique - 21 miles to the North, St. Vincent - 26 miles to the South and Barbados - 110 miles to the North West.
The climate is mild with almost constant North East Trade Winds; the mean temperature is 79 degrees Farenheit, and the rainy season is from June to November. December and January are the coolest months and July and August are the hottest.

The 27 mile long island rises dramatically out of the ocean with two southern peaks, the Pitons reaching 2,400 feet. The island is very hilly and many of the roadways are narrow and unsurfaced - which can make getting around a challenge. In fact, for some destinations it was quicker to get their by boat rather than by car. Growing bananas is the major industry on the island, accounting for 80% of the island`s economy, and tours of the banana plantations are an intresting and fun way to spend the day.

Marigot Bay, located about 2/3 up the western coast is a beautiful natural harbor where British warships hid from pirates 200 years ago and parts of the movie Dr. Doolitle were filmed in the 1960`s.

The Moorings yacht charters run a hotel at Marigot Bay and bungalows and a couple of hotels are also available on the hillside overlooking the bay. There is a small village at the top of the steep hill above the bay which is worth the walk if you want to take in some of the local sights and get a great view of the harbor and surrounding countryside. If you are looking for a more traditional hotel environment, a number of new upscale resorts have been built at the southern end of the island recently.

St. Lucia is much quieter compared to other Caribbean islands and if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the home or the typical Caribbean tourist stop.