Boingo Launches Wi-Fi Service Throughout America

Boingo Wireless, Inc. today
announced the availability of its ultra-high-speed wireless Internet service
in major hotels, airports, coffee shops and other popular venues.
Over 400 hot spot locations are now available to Boingo members, with hundreds of
additional locations being added in the coming weeks.  The company also
released version 1.0 of its Boingo Software today to replace the beta version
released one month ago.
The Boingo Wireless service is designed for business travelers who are
frustrated with slow dial-up access when away from their home or office.
Boingo utilizes Wi-Fi, also referred to as 802.11b, which has emerged as the
preeminent international standard for wireless broadband Internet access.
Wi-Fi provides speeds of up to 11 megabits per second, almost 200 times faster
than 56k dial-up service.
“Starting today, Boingo members have access to hundreds of Wi-Fi hot spots
across the country,” said Sky Dayton, CEO and founder of Boingo Wireless.
“This is important news especially for business travelers who until now have
found connecting from the road difficult, slow and expensive—in addition to
all of the other hassles of travel.
“Boingo provides easy, lightning-fast wireless Internet access in hundreds
of locations in the places business travelers already frequent. We`re making
Internet access outside the office or home simple and powerful.”

Boingo Service Rollout
  In its first phase of network deployment, Boingo has enabled access in
over 400 hot spot locations:

—Full coverage in major airports, including Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)
    Austin-Bergstrom (AUS), San Jose (SJC), and Seattle-Tacoma (SEA);

  —Hundreds of major hotels, including Four Seasons, Hilton, Marriott,
    Sheraton, Radisson, and Wyndham hotels, amongst others;

  —“Free community” networks in cities such as San Francisco, St. Louis,
    Jacksonville, Fla, and Austin, which are provided at no charge.

A second phase of network deployment will enable hundreds of additional
hot spot locations over the coming weeks:

—Select coverage at airports such as Atlanta-Hartsfield (ATL),

    Chicago-Midway (MDW), Philadelphia (PHL), Baltimore-Washington (BWI),
    Washington-Dulles (IAD) and Boston Logan (BOS);

  —More hotels

  —Dozens of cafes

  —Dozens of additional “free community” hot spots, which will be provided
    at no charge.


As additional Boingo hot spot locations are brought online over the coming
weeks, they will be automatically added to Boingo`s unique Wi-Fi software.

Boingo Software Version 1.0 Available for Free Download
  Boingo Wireless also released the full production version of Boingo
Software—the world`s first full-feature Wi-Fi software that “sniffs” the
air for available signals and makes it easy for users to connect to public and
private Wi-Fi networks.
Boingo Software is even more powerful for Boingo members.  It features a
built-in searchable database of Boingo`s growing list of hot spot locations,
so Boingo members can plan their travel around hotels and airports with
wireless broadband access.  The software also simplifies logging onto Boingo
hot spot locations—members just click the “Connect” button in the Boingo
software to access the Internet.  Boingo Software also includes a “Personal
VPN” feature, so members can instantly secure their wireless connection from
hackers and snoops.  One-click simplicity for secure wireless broadband.
  Once installed, Boingo Software will automatically update itself to ensure
users are always running the latest version of the software and have the
latest Boingo hot spot location database at their fingertips.