Internet Cafe Launched at Philadelphia Airport

The Hudson Group has opened the Euro Cyber Caf?Ein Concourse D at the Philadelphia International Airport.
“We couldn`t have asked for a better location at the Philadelphia International Airport to open the Euro Cyber Caf?E” says Joseph DiDomizio, Executive Vice President, Hudson Group. “The attractive food cases, bright neon signs and Internet availability are the first thing that the airport customer sees after they make their way through security at Concourse D. A cup of coffee, a sandwich and a quick check of their e-mail puts them back on track and ready to continue their trip.”

With passengers anxious to allow for enough time to make their flights, “dwell time” in airports has increased. The Euro Cyber Caf?Eoffers the airport customer the ability to utilize the extra time they may have to stay in touch with loved ones, the office and to remain productive through the Internet provider, Downtime Online Caf?Eof Danbury, Connecticut.

Eight T1 connections (six of which are at terminals) and two phone lines for laptop hookup are located in this large airy, well-lighted space. Time at these facilities can be purchased in 10, 20, 30 and 60 minute increments. Printers are available at the six terminals and are included in the price. Faxes can also be sent out from this location.