30% Of UK Holidays Sold Via RWA Solution.

When e-business, IT services and telecommunication solutions provider Energis went looking for a travel industry specialist to help them develop their Energis Travel Network (ETN), they turned to RWA Ltd.
RWA, a software development and consultancy company, designed and developed a “Session Server” which acts as a ViewData gateway, providing a switching capability to allow Travel Agents to access Tour Operator ViewData hosts.
The Session Server is a core element of the ETN, which is now used by more than 1,500 travel agents in the UK including two of the Big Four national groups. In fact, more than 30% of all UK holidays are now sold over the ETN and RWA`s Session Servers.

Commenting on the work that RWA undertook for Energis, Mark Harris, Energis` travel sector manager said: “We selected RWA because of their expertise in travel industry technologies and their track record of delivering business critical solutions on schedule. RWA were also very responsive to our requirements and our need to bring a solution to the marketplace quickly”, he added. “We have been delighted with the work that RWA has undertaken for us and continue to work with them on enhancements to the Session Server.”