`Family Friendly` Travel Internet Portal Launched.

Links to Continental, Delta, Expedia, Hotwire and Travelocity form the travel component of a new ‘family friendly’ Internet portal that has just been launched in the United States.

EMAXNET.NET is powered by YAHOO! and has formed partnerships with several organizations for the specific purpose of delivering family entertainment, media programming and consumer products and services to their members. During this month, EMAX NET in conjunction with Cry For Help will begin to promote the launching of the family internet portal to hundreds of thousands of individuals through a specialized marketing campaign. Cry For Help was founded to provide services, products and support to other non-for profit organizations, which will empower them to raise funding and increase communications tools for the non for profit organizations. Cry For Help is dedicated to give charitable organizations turnkey internet portal solutions, and the tools and resources that will enable them to grow within their own community and allow them the opportunities to sell products and services to help them reach their fund raising goals.

eMax Corporation founded the subsidiary EMAX NET, Inc. last year to amalgamate all Internet, satellite communications, telephony, and broadcast network holdings and companies. EMAXNET, Inc. recently acquired all rights associated with emaxol.com, an Internet service provider for $13.95 per month, with dial up access in over five thousand US cities. EMAXOL has recently received a top rating by mothersofamerica.com as one of the safest family ISP`s to watch.