Corporations Cut Expenses With GetThere.

Sabre’s GetThere has announced the results of an internal market study indicating that hundreds of corporations, including more than half of the Fortune 200, are significantly cutting travel expenses using the GetThere corporate online travel booking system.

Despite the ailing economy, adoption of online business travel booking has grown 90 percent from 2000 to 2001 as corporate America increases its focus on reducing expenses.

Companies that streamline travel transactions with corporate online booking systems often cut travel costs by 20 percent or more. The greatest cost savings occur when employees view all travel options and are empowered to select the tickets for themselves. When given the choice, GetThere data shows most employees will choose lower-priced fares in the online system and adjust their itinerary accordingly. Additionally, travel agencies typically charge much lower fees for online bookings than phone bookings, and the online system helps enforce company travel policies, including driving the use of money-saving airline, car rental and lodging rates negotiated by the corporation.