The Launch of the Cayman Islands - A Global Perspective

The news for anybody interested in the Cayman Islands is that the Cayman Island Of Tourism Department are planning to come back in 2002 to re-establish their leadership position in the Caribbean.
Above, the Minister of Tourism Hon McKeeva Bush, addresses guests at the launch at CHA Marketplace. Ms. Lania Rittenhouse, Director of Tourism at his side.
The Cayman Islands have clearly recognised the importance of technology for the tourism industry.  Although in the past only a small percentage of expenditure has gone towards online marketing and technology, this issue has been addressed. The Cayman Islands are now developing e-commerce aspects of their economy.

Pila Bush, US Director, Marketing and Sales for the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism commented that “We are the perfect place for business travelers either looking to do business or to explore technology based businesses, particularly the e-commerce solutions in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands have an entire section of the Government dedicated to developing that aspect of our economy and while you are exploring the business opportunities, it is not a bad place to catch your breath and enjoy the sea as well. In fact the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, under the new leadership of our Government and he is going to amalgamate our marketing for the sea.
In other words, we are not just going to market the traditional sun, sand and sea. We will also be marketing the economic development opportunities; the opportunities for investors to come in and assess the business opportunities Cayman and so our officers overseas will become office and tourism officers.”

There are currently three official websites to represent the Cayman Islands, each designed to meet the needs of their specific market.

These can be found at:
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