New Director of Tourism Appointed To Cayman Islands

Ms. Lania Rittenhouse has been appointed Director of Tourism for the Cayman Islands.
Above, Mr. Charles Clifford, Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Tourism, Miss Lania Rittenhouse, appointed Director of Tourism, Mr. Hon McKeeva Bush, OBE - JP Minister of Tourism, Mr. Charles Clifford, Mr. Graham Cooke, Managing Director of World Travel Group, Mr. Donald McDougal, Christina Jackson, Mr. Rollin Jackson of Tropicana tours and UK & European Regional Manager for Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.
This years CHA Marketplace sees the official launch of a North American Market Campaign to re-energise business to the Cayman Islands.
Donald McDougall, European Regional Manager for the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has attended the launch for European interest.
Donald McDougall commented that “from my perspective, the majority of European buyers for the Caribbean are here and
it`s a case of me making sure that my trade here is also introduced to the big players from Europe so that we can all do business together.

In terms of any other promotions that we do, we deal directly with the tour operators and the airlines and we do our own initiatives, but of course our hoteliers and are very much a part of it. Unless they are coming in with acceptable rates that sell on the market, there is no point in us all being here together, which is why we all work here together”.

In terms of marketing expenditure in the UK, The Cayman Islands Departmant of Touirism only spend about 10% of the UK budget. 
Donald went on to comment that
“We have just launched a UK site called It was launched in October and we kicked that off with a 50 000 pound investment in digital marketing which bought us 2.5 million impressions of collateral. This could then click through to the actual site.
We achieved just under a 3% click through which is well above the industry average, so we know that it is performing very well. Because of that we will moniter the results (it was all to sales through tour operaters) and we are monitering the results of that and we will also tracking the data that we can by using the internet. As a result of that, we will then be able to determine the success that we will have in the future.”