Agency Famtrips Through Tourania and Sabre Partnership.

e-famtrips by Tourania, a distribution and management application for familiarization trip opportunities, has announced an agreement to launch e-famtrips to Sabre Connected agencies.
e-famtrips will be added to Sabre`s suite of value-added Agency eServices offerings available exclusively through Sabre eVoya Webtop. Using real-time technology, travel vendors will be able to efficiently manage their famtrip programs and transform distressed and unused inventory into familiarization opportunities, targeting travel agencies using a variety of criteria.

e-famtrips offers travel agencies the ability to search for familiarization opportunities worldwide, receive and request famtrips based on their business profile, and exchange comments and ratings about it with fellow travel agents. For vendors and tour operators, e-famtrips provides the power to publish famtrip opportunities to travel agencies worldwide, target famtrips to segmented groups of travel agencies based on business profile, transform distressed inventory into famtrip opportunities, and generate an e-voucher under their own policy.

e-famtrips is the latest addition to the Sabre eVoya suite of Agency eServices offerings. Through e-famtrips, Sabre Connected travel agencies will have access to familiarization opportunities worldwide, without relying on faxes or e-mails. Travel agents are able to receive targeted famtrip information based on their business profile, proactively propose famtrips to vendors, and specialized and increase their expertise in products and destinations.
Sabre-Connected agencies may access the Agency eServices Web site using URL: