Expanded Midwest Public Internet Access.

JustWebit.com, Inc. has signed an agreement with Chamber Services, Inc. to secure new locations for their Internet Kiosks throughout the U.S. Midwest.

Chamber Services will focus on securing locations in travel centers and other hospitality-related sites.

JustWebit is building a nationwide network of Public Internet Terminals in a variety of public locations that people can utilize when they are away from the home or office. These terminals offer full Internet access to users at a cost to the consumer ranging from $.10 to $.20 per minute. JustWebit`s top performing kiosks routinely generate over $50 per day in user fees.

Chamber Services provides a full range of marketing, public relations and information resources for chambers of commerce, government and private businesses. Chamber Services has placed their own Information Kiosks throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan over the last 4 years.

JustWebit.com currently hosts thousands of e-commerce businesses and has a variety of “E-Tools” including zipreg.com, a domain name registration tool as well as a number of e-commerce financial tools including credit card processing and shopping cart technology. Additionally, the company owns and operates a network of Public Access Internet Kiosks.