Seagram Selects Concur’s Employee-Facing Xpense Management Solution for Travel Expense Automation

Concur Technologies, a leading provider of employee-facing business applications, today announced that its Xpense Management Solution? (XMS) has been selected by Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc. Seagram employs 25,000 people worldwide and will run XMS? throughout its global organization to help the company achieve the money saving benefits of travel data collection, reporting, and analysis.

Having previously automated the expense reporting function throughout its organization, Seagram has already realized savings in its processing costs. The company will gain additional business benefits by utilizing the integrated front and back-office functionality of XMS.

“We reviewed ten different travel expense solution vendors,” said Rich Demato, the program administrator for Seagram. “When we compared the solutions, it was clear that Concur was the best fit for Seagram due to the back-end solution available for management reporting, policy flags, auditing, and administration functions.”

As an employee-facing application, XMS is designed to both improve employee productivity and create bottom-line business benefits. “The information derived from XMS will allow us to negotiate with our hotel, airline, and rental car providers,” said Demato. “And the integration of our travel policies with the XMS auditing system will definitely reduce time we spend on auditing - which will help accounting personnel and speed reimbursement for travelers.”

Steve Singh, the president and CEO of Concur, said, “The majority of the new customers we see today are companies that have not yet automated employee-facing application functions such as travel expense management. Seagram has experienced travel expense automation, yet is motivated by the additional benefits that are realized by adopting an intranet solution with comprehensive front and back-office offerings.”


Seagram, which uses the American Express Corporate Card to manage employees’ travel expenses, will benefit from additional features in XMS developed specifically for American Express customers.