Two-Way Connectivity For Global Distribution System

Resort Data Processing, Inc. (RDP), a leading developer of PC-based property management systems for independent hotels, condominiums, and resorts, announces a strategic alliance with Lexington Services, a part of MyTravel Group and a leading Global Distribution System (GDS) provider.

With this strategic alliance in place, RDP customers will enjoy the benefits of seamless GDS connectivity and a two-way GDS interface. By developing the interface, RDP is incorporating the revenue generating capabilities of the GDS into the RDP property management system. For over twenty years, RDP has thrived by selling property management systems built to increase profits. The Lexington GDS interface is critical for all independent properties looking to maximize reservation distribution channels. By developing a two-way interface, reservations will flow directly from the GDS to the RDP property management system. In addition, property rates and availability will be automatically updated on the GDS, providing yield management and true last room availability.

Barry Biegler, president of Resort Data Processing, is dedicated to increasing reservation distribution channels for all independent RDP hotels, resorts, and condominiums. According to Biegler, “The strategic alliance formed with Lexington Services bands RDP customers into a buying block capable of securing services at rates normally available only to large hotel chains.”




Date: 01/11/2002 09:45:32 AM


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