Orbitz Improvements Enabled by Marketview

Orbitz licensed Farechase`s new MarketView software so the airline-owned site can compare its pricing with the fares of online rivals.

Orbitz, which has used the software on a pilot basis for several months, is FareChase`s first customer for MarketView, a customizable tool that performs real-time comparative searches of travel inventory across the Internet.

A user such as Orbitz can select Web sites to examine, refining the comparison by specifying time periods, city pairs and other parameters.

It also can use the technology to determine if it is receiving the same fares that its airline owners and charter members make available on their own Web sites.

MarketView automates a process many suppliers, including airlines, perform manually.


“MarketView offers Orbitz the ability to gain knowledge and new ideas to develop better services to meet the needs of its customers and improve their cycle time and quality of services,” said Krista Pappas, FareChase senior vice president for strategic planning and partnerships.