America West to Change E-Ticketing Policies for 2002

Beginning on January 16, 2002, customers purchasing electronic tickets will have several additional payment options and customers who elect to have paper tickets, when the travel itinerary qualifies for electronic ticketing, will be charged a $10 fee.
In Canada, the fee is $15 CAD. In all other countries, the fee is $10 USD, converted into the local currency.

“We`re making it easier for customers to purchase electronic tickets by offering new payment options,” said Lloyd Parker Jr., vice president, distribution. “Nearly 80 percent of our customers use electronic-tickets so the paper ticket fee will affect a small minority of our customers.”

Beginning January 16, customers will be able to purchase e-tickets with cash, check, credit card, America West transportation vouchers and gift certificates as well as Senior Saver Pack tickets.
The $10 paper ticket fee is necessary to offset costs including additional ticket stock, manual collection and processing and postage. The fee applies to new ticket purchases and tickets being reissued for a voluntary change of itinerary, but does not apply to involuntary reroutes to other airlines, tickets issued for groups, tickets issued on government contracted fares or tickets purchased through travel agents.