Senercomm Selected to Provide Energy Management Solutions to the Hospitality Industry

TESA Entry Systems, Inc. announces the acquisition of Senercomm.
  Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Senercomm has supplied the hospitality industry with guestroom energy management technology since its founding in 1989.
Senercomm`s hospitality guestroom applications include “set-back thermostats” and wireless links to door locks, mini-bars, door switches, safes, etc.
With Senercomm`s technology, TESA ESI expands its product line of electronic solutions for the hospitality industry. “This strategic acquisition allows us to increase the services we currently provide to hotels worldwide,” states Pascal Metivier, VP of Global Sales and Marketing for TESA ESI.
Senercomm`s scope encompasses research, development, manufacturing, installation and implementation of occupancy sensing Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems technology. “We are excited about this opportunity to become part of the TESA Entry Systems family. This will allow Senercomm to expand capabilities to provide solutions to the energy management needs of our customers, as well as in pioneering new technologies,” responds Larry Gomez, former President and Owner of Senercomm. “TESA ESI was the best possible acquirer for Senercomm. TESA ESI`s reputation and leadership within the hospitality industry coupled with their worldwide coverage (present in over 115 countries) and financial stability will allow Senercomm to grow exponentially. I will stay with TESA ESI as Vice President of Sales-Senercomm.”
TESA Entry Systems, Inc. will support Senercomm`s premier position in the marketplace to serve the growing need for energy management in the 21st Century. “Our goal is for Senercomm to remain the industry leader in technology and innovation for guestroom energy conservation and comfort controls,” says Metivier. Senercomm`s customer base already includes Hilton Hotels, Candlewood Hotels, Four Seasons Resorts, Loews-Universal Studios, and many others.
This product line integrates well with TESA ESI`s electronic locking systems, in-room safes, CCTV and global services. Demand in the marketplace is increasing for integrated solutions provided by a single supplier. “Because of our long-standing commitment to serving the hospitality industry, our customers are asking us to provide additional items, such as energy management systems; with the same exceptional values, service and consistency as our current products,” states Metivier. “TESA ESI continues to provide electronic solutions to the hospitality industry including electronic locks, in-room safes, access management, CCTV and energy management devices, all backed by our commitment to provide superior service worldwide.”
TESA Entry Systems` ability to respond to the evolving needs of the hospitality industry enables them to consistently deliver value based quality products.

About TESA Entry Systems

  TESA Entry Systems has been a manufacturer of electronic locks for almost two decades, and has a sales and service network that spans the globe. The world`s largest supplier of electronic locking systems, TESA ESI electronic locks can be found on millions of doors worldwide. Over the years, TESA ESI`s product line has expanded to include other electronic solutions for the hospitality industry including in-room safes and CCTV. With innovative products specially designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, TESA Entry Systems, Inc. continues to provide technological advancements in real-world applications.

About Senercomm

  Senercomm is one of the premier providers of systems that meet the needs of hotel operators for energy conservation, management solutions and guestroom comfort. Founded in 1989 in West Palm Beach, Florida, Senercomm is a hospitality leader in the manufacturing, sales, and development of guestroom energy management systems using passive infrared (PIR) occupancy-based technology.