Sweden Hotels Service AB Further Expands Network

MICROS Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: MCRS), a leading provider of information technology solutions for the hospitality industry, has been selected by Sweden Hotels Service AB for its next generation Central Reservation System and Customer Information System.

Sweden Hotels has also selected hotelBANK, a subsidiary of MICROS Systems, as its global product distribution provider.
Hakan Ekengren, Managing Director of Sweden Hotels Service AB, stated at the signing ceremony, “As Sweden Hotels Service AB continues to expand its network of hotels it requires a flexible and highly advanced enterprise solution, including global product distribution services. MICROS-Fidelio was able to offer an integrated solution that combines transaction-based services with fixed cost components for mission critical applications like our Central Reservation System.

Stefan M. Piringer, President & COO of hotelBANK, stated, “hotelBANK is very pleased to be part of the integrated solution for Sweden Hotels and is proud to be selected as global product distribution provider. With our interface to the MICROS-Fidelio enterprise solution, we are able to provide Sweden Hotels a unique and well managed IT and distribution system solution that will enhance substantially its overall business model.”

Sweden Hotels Service AB is a Stockholm based hotel management company with 96 hotels located throughout Sweden.