Future of Travel Insurance to be Examined…

An attorney whose business focus is selling specialty insurance on the Internet will use the occasion of the fourth annual National Travel Law Symposium here to summarize post-Sept. 11 changes in travel insurance and offer a look at the likely evolution of coverage as it relates to terrorism and supplier failures. 

The speaker is Samuel Halpern, executive vice president of Insuractive/WorldTravelCenter.com, based in Alexandria, Va. 

Insuractive is a brokerage that develops applications to support online insurance transactions within niche markets, including travel. Insuractive developed WorldTravelCenter.com to market travel medical insurance and trip protection plans worldwide. 
In his remarks, Halpern said he wants to focus on the terrorism and bankruptcy/default provisions of travel insurance, providing “close readings” of available coverage and clarifying the subtle distinctions between policies. 
The goal, he said, is to update agents with the most current practical information about these insurance provisions and provide a sneak preview ot what`s likely to change next. 
His presentation will be part of the law symposium, sponsored by ARTA and Travel Weekly, that takes as its theme, Travel Law and the Terrorism Crisis: Issues and Strategies. 
The 2002 symposium, open to all industry personnel, will focus on best practices for dealing with the U.S. war on terrorism and minimizing liabilities at the retail and wholesale levels. 
The event is set for the Washington Marriott. The registration fee is $79, covering lunch and a binder with symposium papers.