New e-Travel Option Available.

An enhanced version of the e-Travel Workflow Option, a powerful and integrated pre-trip approval and notification function is now available.
This version allows budget managers and the travel department to require pre-trip approval for all reservations booked within a given user class, or just those booked outside of policy as defined by the corporation. This powerful new capability includes the flexibility to require approval or send notifications only to managers and the travel department. Vital during a period of economic challenges and security concerns, the enhanced e-Travel Workflow Option allows corporations to exercise travel management control enterprise-wide with a degree of precision unavailable anywhere else in the industry.

The e-Travel Workflow Option supports optional prioritized routing (to the travel agency) of reservation requests that involve an imminent ticketing date, user-defined handling of notifications while “out of office,” reassignment of approval authority for specific trips, and the ability for travelers to easily stay updated regarding the approval status of their trips. Approval and notification requests include traveler name, trip number, travel dates, an accounting of trip details and costs, and itinerary options offered - including the lowest fare, lowest in-policy fare and out-of-policy details.

This comprehensive workflow capability automates and streamlines the approval process, letting employees concentrate on the simple task of planning and booking business travel online. Requests for approval and notifications to managers and employees can be managed and viewed through either email or the e-Traveler online service.

Additional enhancements to the e-Travel online services include:

á Increased security measures that lock users` accounts from further access for a configurable period of time after a number of unsuccessful login attempts.

á Estimated trip cost thresholds that allow travel managers to define as out-of-policy reservations created exceeding a certain price for air and/or total trip costs for both domestic and international itineraries.

á Advanced booking requirement that lets travel managers define a reservation as out-of-policy based on the date of booking.

á Travel Summary reports that include rail reservations booked through e-Travel`s direct link with Amtrak, which compares corporate spending for air, car, hotel and rail for the current period to a prior period.

e-Travel, Inc. provides online managed travel services for businesses worldwide. The company`s e-TravelerSM service integrates all components of a managed travel program, including preferred suppliers, negotiated rates and travel policy, into a single Internet-based service that enables travelers to book air, car, hotel and rail, all within corporate guidelines.


The company`s partners include American Airlines, Amtrak, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, The Hertz Corporation, National Car Rental, SatoTravel, StarCite and Pegasus Solutions, which represents more than 150 hotel chains worldwide.