SolarNet Announces Record Travel Agent Usage

SolarNet (Solars Computing Systems Inc.;listed CDNX “SCS” and OTC US “SCSIF”), a leading provider of business-to-
business information management and electronic distribution solutions for the
travel industry, has announced record travel agent usage in 2001 despite the
impact the attacks of September 11 have had on the travel industry.
In 2001, SolarNet`s consolidator inventory database of over 15 million
flight choices was accessed multiple times by 9,765 unique travel agencies
from around the world, who requested 2,166,209 price quotes.
Scheduled airline commissions, once a travel agency`s bread and butter,
have shrunk dramatically since 1995; which has forced travel agencies to focus
their energies on sales that will bring in greater income such as consolidator
Traditionally, the consolidator segment of the travel industry has had
limited distribution reach as consolidator inventories have not been available
to agencies directly through the major Global Distribution System (GDS)
networks. SolarNet has changed that, and standardized consolidator fare
distribution, by offering consolidators an inventory management program that
includes global travel agency distribution via the Internet and SolarNet`s
unique multi-GDS distribution solution. This eliminates time-consuming phone
calls and sorting through stacks of consolidator faxes.
Travel agencies worldwide have instant access—free of charge—to
fare inventories for all of SolarNet`s participating consolidators via
SolarNet`s LiveLinx product. Agencies can also use SolarNet`s LiveLinx(x)PLUS
product to check flight availability, fare rules and transmit a booking
request directly to participating consolidators.
SolarNet`s consolidator services will be further expanded later this
quarter to include direct inventory control and live booking capabilities.
“We have been utilizing SolarNet`s distribution channel for nearly 2
years now, and enjoying the benefits. With a natural progression we moved to
the LiveLinx(x)Plus system approximately 6 months ago to streamline our
booking process, and are now looking toward using the new live booking
engine,” said Dianne Atchison, Director of Operations for D-FW Tours, one of
the largest volume consolidators in the United States.
Travel agents have desktop access to SolarNet 24/7 through their GDS
simply by typing in the appropriate SolarNet GDS access code listed below:
Amadeus: 1TVO.SOLARNET//

  Apollo: [email protected]@SOLAR

  Galileo: @@SLN/SOLAR


  Worldspan: @@TVL/SOLARNET

About SolarNet

SolarNet (Solars Computing Systems Inc.; SCS: CDNX) is a leading provider
of flexible and affordable information technology solutions for the travel
industry. SolarNet`s core competency is the electronic distribution of
applications and information throughout the travel industry supply chain via
its proprietary network, SolarNet. SolarNet can take content from any source
and distribute it via a powerful combination of the Internet and the
established travel industry GDS networks - Sabre, Galileo/Apollo, Amadeus and
Worldspan that reach 95% of the world`s travel agents. SolarNet`s proprietary
products include: SolarNet, LiveLinx, LiveLinx(x)PLUS, NewsWire and TourTek.
SolarNet is a public company, listed CDNX “SCS” and OTC US “SCSIF”.