easyJet: Online Promotion and New Planes Too.

UK-based low-cost carrier easyJet has entered into talks with both Airbus and Boeing over the delivery of 75 planes by 2007.
Easyjet, whose fleet is currently based around 149-seat Boeing 737s, said the modification of the Airbus 319 to take 150 seats, rather than the current 145, had put it into the running.

“While commonality of fleet is an important component of the Easyjet business model, we feel it is appropriate to consider all options,” easyJet chief executive Ray Webster said. He added that Easyjet would only operate a mixed Boeing/Airbus fleet “if it would produce substantial long-term shareholder benefits”.

easyJet is currently running a promotion in conjunction with 3 UK national newspapers offering 20,000 free tickets bookable exclusively online. The airline is also expected to announce an increase in passenger numbers for December later today. The majority of tickets are booked online.