iPIX Announces New International Distributor Program, Signs First Partner

Internet Pictures Corporation (Nasdaq: IPIX), the global leader in mission
critical imaging solutions, today announced a significant agreement with
Emirates Venture Group (EVG), headquartered in Dubai, UAE, for distribution of
iPIX(R) products and services in the United Arab Emirates and neighboring
Middle Eastern countries. 
The terms of the agreement include distribution of
all product lines including immersive stills, immersive video and Rimfire(TM)
content management solutions.
EVG is the first company to partner with iPIX as part of the Company`s new
International distributor program.  Through the program, iPIX is entering into
exclusive regional distributorships for the complete line of the iPIX product
offering.  iPIX receives fees and recurring revenues from the multi-year
agreement.  This business alliance will leverage the expertise of the regional
partner to proliferate the use of iPIX technology.
“Our agreement with iPIX represents an extension of Emirates Venture
Group`s partnership policy of forming alliances with world leaders in
information technology,” said Wadi Ahmed, Group Marketing Director of EVG.
“Our research shows that iPIX leads the field of imaging solutions.  This
venture will allow us to have the advantage of marketing the best immersive
imaging and content management technology throughout the Middle East—giving
many people the opportunity to use the Internet in a way they never realized
The agreement provides EVG with distributorship of iPIX products and
services in the United Arab Emirates and neighboring countries including Saudi
Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Tunisia and Morocco.  EVG will
set-up country-by-country channel partners to sell and market iPIX imaging
solutions into these international markets.  They will target vertical markets
rapidly moving to the Internet and those increasing their use of digital
imaging including auctions and classifieds, security and observation, travel
and hospitality and Internet content providers.
“EVG`s distributorship is an important step in our worldwide strategy to
partner with leaders in fast-developing international markets,” said Don
Strickland, President and CEO of iPIX.  “This agreement is a model for rapidly
deploying our imaging technologies into regions of the world that would
normally require significant time and effort for market development.”
  Through the agreement with EVG in Dubai, iPIX is joining a rapidly growing
number of American technology companies, such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and
Intel doing business in the United Arab Emirates.

About Emirates Venture Group

  Emirates Venture Group is a holding company consisting of strategic
ventures with leading edge technology companies.  The group`s portfolio
consists of a carefully selected consortium of synergised high quality
companies, with the objective of driving Information Technology throughout the
Middle East region and the rest of the world.

About iPIX

  Internet Pictures Corporation (iPIX(R)) provides mission critical imaging
solutions to facilitate commerce, communication, security and entertainment.
The Company`s solutions include the capture, processing, management and
distribution of images and related data.  iPIX solutions create and manage a
rich variety of media including still images, 360-degree by 360-degree
immersive images, video, animation, text and audio.  A broad array of
industries—including security and observation, real estate, auctions,
travel, government, education, automotive, sports and entertainment—are
capitalizing on iPIX dynamic imaging to provide viewers more information, more
interaction and a richer visual experience.  In the online world, iPIX imaging
is featured on eight out of the Top 10 Media Metrix Web Properties.  The
Company is headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, with co-headquarters in San
Ramon, California.  http://www.ipix.com

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