Delphi Entertains Consumers at 2002 CES

At the 2002 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, next month Delphi Automotive Systems (DPH) will demonstrate how its mobile multimedia products are keeping drivers and passengers productive and entertained in the vehicle.

At its CES exhibit (Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, Booth #7113), Delphi will showcase the latest technologies available for in-vehicle entertainment and connectivity. The company will also demonstrate several future products.

“From the time radio was integrated into vehicles, consumers have craved entertainment and information while commuting and Delphi has been a leader in meeting that demand,” said Dave Wohleen, president, Electronics & Mobile Communication Sector, Delphi Automotive Systems. “This year, we are showing the latest Delphi innovations to bring the newest products like satellite radio, rear-seat DVD playback, voice-controlled navigation, wireless Internet access, and wireless networks to consumers.”


Delphi will be the first company to publicly demonstrate new uses for wireless data networks. On a specially equipped vehicle, Delphi will show how licensed video, audio files and other data are seamlessly transmitted between the vehicle and homes, offices and other future provider sources.

Specifically, in a demonstration developed with Intel Corporation, Delphi will use the IEEE 802.11a wireless networking standard to transfer video files from a home or office environment to a vehicle equipped with Delphi`s rear- seat entertainment electronics.


“Delphi is aggressively researching and developing products and systems to ensure that the day when you can fill up your gas tank and download the latest DVD release for a long road trip isn`t far off,” said Wohleen. “At CES, we don`t only want to show what`s available to consumers today; we want to give them a glimpse of what connectivity and entertainment options are coming—soon.”


Delphi Aftermarket Operations, with MobileAria, the pioneer in True Hands Free(TM) productivity services, will introduce its line of sophisticated Communiport(R) Mobile Productivity Systems that allow wireless access to Internet information via MobileAria`s service.

The systems will give drivers hands-free voice access to a laptop, Bluetooth(TM) mobile phone and MobileAria`s array of information services.

The systems are currently being used in the San Francisco Bay Area and are expected to be available in the retail market later this year.


With the launch of satellite radio, Delphi is showing the first production satellite receiver technology.

Delphi`s Satellite Digital Audio Receivers will be shown on several original equipment applications in Delphi`s exhibit. Delphi was the first to attain OEM manufacturing contracts to provide receivers for both competing satellite signals. Satellite radio provides coast-to-coast broadcast of more than 100 stations of digital-quality music, news and entertainment for a monthly fee. With satellite radio, subscribers can listen to their favorite programs without the station fading to static as they travel.

The company is expected to make several business announcements regarding contracts to provide satellite radio receivers for various OEM customers.


Delphi`s Integrated Navigation Radio (INR) that was first introduced on Cadillac`s all new CTS, will be featured on several vehicles at the Delphi stand.

As the market for on-board navigation grows, Delphi is pursuing the development of technologies that meet demand for voice-controlled route guidance. Delphi`s demonstration will show how its systems can be configured to meet various customer specifications. Delphi will also show retail versions of the INR.

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