Orbitz Licenses FareChase`s New MarketView(TM) Software

Orbitz, the travel Web site
of American, Continental, Delta, Northwest and United airlines, has licensed
FareChase`s new MarketView(TM) Software, designed to proactively assist travel
suppliers and distributors in decision-making in the new Internet economy.
Orbitz will use MarketView(TM) to gauge how robust its search engine
performs in delivering “best-priced” itineraries compared to its competition
in the travel marketplace.  Existing methods of manually searching a variety
of sites to understand online market dynamics, such as airfares and
availability, are time-consuming and expensive, and usually provide inaccurate
The airfare data collected by Orbitz using MarketView(TM) will lend
decision-making support to Orbitz as it focuses on serving its most valuable
customers.  Since MarketView is easily customizable, Orbitz will have the
flexibility to select Web sites to examine, date windows, city pairs, and
other relevant travel information.
MarketView(TM) is FareChase`s newest product based on its Web automation
technology that performs scalable, real-time searches of travel inventory
across the Internet.
“Orbitz is committed to offering customers the most low fares and wants to
understand best practices in the delivery of the lowest-priced travel
itineraries.  We are focused on meeting and anticipating our customer`s
expectations,” said Steve Hafner, Orbitz Vice President, Business Development.
“MarketView(TM) arms Orbitz with the tools to accurately compare what our
customers` search results display with that of our competition, and to
identify major improvement opportunities,” added Hafner.
“MarketView(TM) is a unique reporting tool which provides the travel
industry with a snapshot of airfare inventory and a process to measure
performance,” said Krista Pappas, FareChase Sr. Vice President for Strategic
Planning and Partnerships.
Pappas explained: “The MarketView(TM) technology retrieves data
automatically, in real-time and converts critical information which is
frequently too abundant to be useful, into meaningful intelligence.
MarketView(TM) offers Orbitz the ability to gain knowledge and new ideas to
develop better services to meet the needs of its customers and improve their
cycle time and quality of services.”

About Orbitz

Orbitz, LLC is the Chicago-based Internet travel services company that
created www.orbitz.com the full service Internet travel agency that
offers the most low-cost airfares and flight options on the Internet,
including the biggest collection of discounted web-only fares available in one
place.  Founded by the world`s leading airlines, Orbitz` team of travel,
technology, consumer products and communications experts are working to create
an Internet travel site that meets consumers` desire for more fare, flight and
travel information to make “Visiting Planet Earth” fun and easy.

About FareChase

  FareChase, Inc. is a provider of Web automation software for the travel
industry.  Established in 1999, the management team is headquartered in New
York.  The founders are Lior Delgo, President; Ofer Shaked, CTO; Boaz Behar,
VP, R&D, and Motti Kirschenbaum, Chairman of the Board.  Krista Pappas is SVP,
Strategic Planning & Partnerships.
In addition to Mr. Kirschenbaum, an Israeli businessman and developer of
the High Tech Center at Ben Gurion Apirport, other Board members include:
Dr. Yechiam Yemini, co-founder of Comverse Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: CMVT);
and Hanan Gilutz, co-founder of Orbotech, Ltd. (Nasdaq: ORBK).