RWA Ltd. Manages Recent Worldspan/Airtours Project.

The recent agreement between Worldspan and Airtours to provide all the tour operarator`s major brands with technology solutions across Europe was managed by RWA Ltd.
For the 18-months up to the agreement, RWA took the lead role on the GDS project, working closely with each of Airtours` pan-European business units, providing consultancy on GDS usage and selection and project managing the migration process across Airtours pan-European businesses. Specifically, RWA has been responsible for:

Conducting A GDS Usage Study
RWA were commissioned by Airtours to undertake a study of their use of GDSs across their pan-European business units. The study was a comprehensive data gathering and analysis activity covering the following topics:

* Sector volumes booked

* GDS solutions used

* Tools and technologies used

* Invoicing solutions

* Ticketing solutions

* Current GDS contracts
The results of the study were used by Airtours to formulate a strategy and plans for its ongoing usage of one or more GDS suppliers throughout Europe.

GDS Selection Consultancy
Following on from the GDS Usage Study, Airtours asked RWA to project manage the work to select a pan-European GDS provider for the Airtours Group. RWA worked closely with representatives from both Airtours Group and all the Airtours` pan-European business units.

The work included:

* Establishing processes to ensure successful project completion

* Establishing and agreeing the criteria to be used for GDS evaluation

* Project managing the RFP and review processes with all four major GDS suppliers

* Providing assistance in the process for final GDS selection


GDS Migration

Following on from the success of the Airtours GDS Usage and Selection projects, RWA was asked to project manage the migration of Airtours` pan-European business units over to Worldspan. This work involves RWA working closely with each business unit and the GDS provider to:

* Advise on and agree appropriate network and application infrastructures for each business unit

* Establish and agree appropriate migration plans and schedules

* Coordinate and project manage the migration of the business units over to Worldspan