Alopa make tracks in Bahamas

Alopa Networks, Inc., a recognised leader in Operations Support Systems (OSS) software for broadband service providers, today announced the signing and deployment of three new customers utilising the Alopa MetaServ(TM) provisioning and IP management solution. Altrio Communications of Los Angeles, Calif., and Cable Bahamas of Nassau, Bahamas, have completed deployments, while installation at Newnan Utilities of Newnan, Ga., is underway.

“We`re winning and deploying new clients at such a rapid pace that there`s no question in my mind that Alopa is a force to be reckoned with in the OSS industry,” Alopa CEO Tom Engdahl said. “Alopa`s flexibility to support advanced IP services puts us far ahead of the competition. Few companies can offer the breadth and depth of products that Alopa can. These new customers are evidence that this message is making its way into the marketplace.”
The industry-leading Alopa MetaServ(TM) OSS solution provides end-to-end activation, management, and assurance for digital services over cable. It also provides secure provisioning for both PacketCable(TM) and CableHome(TM) networks, providing a framework for Internet telephony (VoIP), multimedia services, and interactive gaming. Those are some of the reasons Alopa MetaServ(TM) continues to win customers.
“As the cable industry faces mounting competitive pressures and the need to provide state-of-the-art subscriber management services, technologies and software solutions that allow for self-provisioning and ongoing customer care are critical for acquisition and retention - and maximizing system value,” said Larry Gerbrandt, COO and senior analyst of Kagan World Media, a Carmel, Calif.-based media research and valuation firm.
Altrio Communications, an alternative broadband service provider that delivers data, video, and telephony in Los Angeles, is using Alopa MetaServ(TM) to qualify, provision, activate and, mediate its high-speed data customers. Their switch to Alopa MetaServ(TM), completed in July, went seamlessly, said Hope Neiman, chief marketing officer.
“In working with Alopa, the switchover was much less painful than we anticipated and the transition was even smoother than we could have hoped for,” Neiman said.
Cable Bahamas, a pioneering provider of cable television and broadband Internet hookups in the Bahamas, deployed Alopa MetaServ(TM) to provision the high-speed data service it offers to its nearly 56,000 customers. It is also using Alopa MetaServ(TM) to do assurance checks on its network and integrate with its billing system, and plans to use it for self-provisioning in the near future.
“It`s given us a huge competitive advantage,” said Andre Foster, vice president of information technology at Cable Bahamas.
Newnan Utilities of Newnan, Ga., purchased Alopa MetaServ(TM) because it enabled efficient subscription and provisioning of Newnan`s 8,500 customers under a new increased bandwidth model that Newnan recently began offering. In addition, Alopa MetaServ(TM) allowed Newnan to leverage PacketCable(TM) and self-provisioning features for its future plans to offer more advanced services, Newnan officials said. The exclusive deal was signed in August.
“I was unable to find anything that could compete with it,” said Brian Pettite, telecommunications supervisor at Newnan. “It`s the only software found on the market that has the functionality that it does. We`re looking forward to this.”
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