`Agent Miles`, have your cake and eat it

Consumers have been rewarded with air-miles and loyalty cards for years. Now it is time for the travel agent to have a bite of the apple with a new incentive program being launched by the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO), and Performance Media Group. Coined CaribRewards the initiative will commence on Dec. 15 2003.

The inventive program will track individuals rather than the entire company, this allows for true merit to be logged and rewarded. Agents are rewarded for all property sold in the CaribRewards directory. The prize comes in the form of ‘Agent Miles’ and these can be redeemed against, holiday’s with participating Caribbean distributors, merchandise and gift certificates.

In excess of 34,000 agents, 25 chain and boutique hotels on 16 islands are involved in the original project.
CEO and President of Performance Media, Mark Murphy stressed that this is not a booking engine but instead, “an agent loyalty programme - aimed to drive more bookings to the Caribbean region”.
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